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Why a Good Company Name Is Important

When it comes to creating a new business, whether it is online or off, it is vital that you come up with a good idea for your company name. Selecting a great name should be an integral part of your branding decisions, and it’s the next logical step to consider once you have chosen your niche. Your company name is how you will place your company in people’s minds, and coming up with good ideas for one can make the difference in how eagerly the world receives your new business.

What to Consider When Naming Your Business

It is generally believed that the best ideas for company names are short and simple to remember. After all, the shorter the name, like Google, Apple or Sony the easier it will be to say it, remember it, and type it in when searching for it online. But it is also been said that “the bigger the company, the shorter the name should be.” So unless you plan to grow a large corporation that will promote cute business names its name with massive advertising, you might want to start with a name that is immediately associated with your business.

If the name you come up with is short, make sure a suitable domain name is available, because short names are more difficult to get a domain for. Realistically, you may need 3 or 4 short, easy to spell words to really describe why your company is unique.

You should also be looking for names that are catchy. Google, Monster, and New Egg are far catchier than names like Search, Jobs, or Electronics, but they still don’t describe what the business is all about. Think about what a great name “Car Toys” is, for this retail store. It is short, easy to spell, very descriptive, and has the marketing advantage of creating an instant curiosity and intrigue before you know anything about them except for their name.

Other Aspects That Can Make a Name Memorable

Use ideas for company names that tell what your business does in a few simple words. Use names like “Rich’s Auto Market”, “Budget Wedding Planner”, or other personalized name that tells who you are and what you do, and even why your customers will want to find you.

Colors often help people associate your business with things that they see, and you may find that picking a name that involves a color word is a great way to stay in people’s minds. After all, everyone loves pink in relation to love or Valentines, green in relation to the environment, and blue in relation to emotions. Using color words can help people to associate your company with that color, and make it easier to remember.

If you can make a clever play on words or incorporate puns when naming your business, you may be able to come up with a catchy name that will really stick in people’s minds. Names that use witty or popular cultural references are an excellent way to become recognized and popular as a result. Names that are funny or memorable, like a famous line from a movie or song, are sure to get attention and be remembered.

Test out Your Name First

Always try your ideas for company names out before making the final decision. Take a survey of 20 to 100 people, and give them the choice between 4 or 5 of your favorite ideas. Getting feedback from random groups of people will help you to see which of your ideas are most popular across the board, and give you the edge so you don’t have to guess at which company name will be the best.

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